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Chris A. O’Riordan-Adjah, MS, P.E.
“The Motivator who applies quality techniques to your quality of life"

"The Script-Chores", by Chris Apoder O'Riordan-Adjah, offer readers encouraging, inspirational and humorous poetry, stories and messages. The style the author has chosen is unique, in that he offers a poem and then a synopsis or explanation of the poem. The poetry is interesting and heartfelt. The author tells his own story through his art.
Readers Favorite

A little charm and humor goes a long way in conveying a message. "The Script-Chores" is a collection of poetry from Chris Apoder O'Riordan-Adjah, as he presents his experiences from his life that spans over many different countries, being born in Germany, raised in Ghana, and living in the United States. Fine and entertaining work” The Script-Chores" is recommended.

Midwest Book Review
The layout of the book is perfect. I love the consistency and how each section has its own purpose but also fit so well into life and daily challenges that we all face. The flow of the poetry is smooth and easy to follow. Thanks for sharing your heart, soul, and inspiration in The Script-Chores.
Jenny J.

Chris you are such an inspiration to me and so many others. As I read the Script-Chores the words came alive. I could hear and see you as I read, it was so powerful. Your words are an echo of my soul; I saw myself and my life's journey through your thoughts. It is so uplifting.
Teika S.
We are so thankful to know such an admirable, motivated, and accomplished person... epitome of A PHENOMENAL MAN. You have shown in us the importance of being results oriented, instead of just dreaming. The SCRIPT-CHORES is not only your personal truth, but signifies the dreams that we all hold inside, some from our ROOTS. We hope that this book advances people to realize their own dreams as you have done with such grace, respect, and intellect.
Cecily M.


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I love the inspiring words and the wisdom you transmit through the poems. I know that you have God in your heart and "with him everything, without him nothing" hopefully you will keep writing and fulfilling all the goals that you want to meet in life.
Alfredo R.

The book of poetry is inspiring. Chris inspires his readers through the lessons of his own life story and provides them with these rich poems. Excellent material well thought out and well presented the inner thoughts of a man aspiring to accomplish great things while inspiring others to do the same.

Shuntai T.

Great and easy read. Inspirational and positively "scripted" sets of poems for everyday living. In this book one is cleverly taken through a journey of trials and triumphs in an insightful and creative manner to inspire and enlighten. A much recommended book for any occasion.
Jean D.

"The Script-Chores" takes a different approach to inspiring you! It doesn't follow the traditional formula, and perhaps at times takes you on an unconventional track, as it help us navigate the variety of emotions that life throws at us. Packed with insight, wisdom, experience, emotion, and whimsical humor I would recommend this book to anyone who wants not just to process life but seeks to live it better!
Andy S.

The poetry (scripts) that Chris has penned is vividly illuminated with his background stories that give context and anecdotes to many facets of life. I am truly grateful that Chris has "broken his silence" and published his inspiring thoughts and ideas. Some of his poem lines, such as "Besides, my patience of your impatience runs weary" are truly unique groupings of words that deeply reveal his thoughts and emotions and provide ideas to which readers can relate. His acrostic poems add a nice element to the book's format with their simple, yet meaningful nature.
Jeff J.

Inspirational and insightful poetry book!! Book is easy to read and is especially enjoyed by the accompanied stories shared for the inspiration of the poems. Poems are uplifting, motivational and give you an insight to the author's experience on love, family, self-identity, diversity, joy, forgiveness, courage etc.
Simone T.

This book is one of the most uplifting and inspiring pieces of literature I have read. I would highly recommend this book as one you can continue to come back to for inspiration. “Script-Chores” is a book I am so glad to own.
Kati I.


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Chris Apoder O’Riordan-Adjah has used his diverse background, strong faith, perseverance, and worldly perspective to overcome a world of challenges and obstacles he’s faced since birth. He has now combined those learned lessons and unique adventures into one volume of diverse and passionate experiences you can learn from, along with ten quality techniques developed just for you for use in your own life.

Ten-Sigma provides the step-by-step Quality Techniques to improve your Quality of Life. Much like when engineering a product, the Six Sigma quality techniques are considered the standard guideline to minimizing defects and improving quality, these Ten proven quality techniques help you reach and improve your quality of life by emphasizing the effectiveness and efficiency of using your mind, body and soul with excitement. You can literally engineer a higher quality of life with these simple proven, practiced, and purposeful techniques.

As a Structural and Quality Engineer, Chris developed these quality life lessons from his professional passion of engineering. He has also achieved the accreditation as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, a Professional Engineer and a Personal Fitness Trainer, which allows him to truly blend the personal and the professional in his life and yours.  All the quality aspects of  Ten Sigma make one  complete, effective and efficient self improvement masterpiece for all.