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The Script-Chores
The Script-Chores


You have a gift when people look up to you for encouragement.
You have a gift when people find joy in you.
You have a gift when people tell you that you are funny.
You have a gift when people tell you that you are “a people’s person.”
You have a gift when people watch you closely and follow your footsteps.
You have a gift when your opinion becomes a new opinion to people.
You have a gift when everything good you do, or unfortunately sometimes bad, influences the people around you.
You have a gift when you can deal with others’ needs and problems as well as yours.
And you are blessed with a gift when people feel like they can get answers from you and everything that comes out of your mouth has the “Wow” feeling.
You have a gift …

“Failure is failing to try again” …not failing over again!

Script II

It was a cold winter morning, and while I lay on my bed trapped inside by snow and watching the flakes from my window, I reminisced as usual about the summers back home in Ghana on a typical weekend. The routine in the summer was very simple. It rained a lot, grass grew too fast, and we cut grass every weekend – not mow. Grass cutting was done using the machete (a stainless steel blade usually about 2.5 feet long and 4 inches wide with a handle). The process of bending and swinging the machete to cut grass for about 2-3 hours in the scorching sun was not what anyone looked forward to on the weekends, but ironically, on this cold winter day, I missed the action, the smell of fresh cut grass, the sweat, the blisters, and the occasional dirt in my eyes…

Green Grass

I had mixed feelings when the grass was green.
Beauty lay in my eyes and nature I admired
But the eyes gazed with deception.
The grass cutting taunted me.
Thoughts of bruised palms and sunburn,
Tired knees and aching back
You see! Land mowers were still a dream
And so futuristic it seemed like a tease.
When the grass was green
I wished it could stop growing,
But such is nature’s uncontrollable virtue, which pays me no mind!
I cared less as its growth choked it.
Now, it’s once beauty fades
So I bask in the sun determined to terminate.
I joyed, when it was green now I question its creator.
I swing the machete to cut in hate.
Hate hurts me but I pay myself no mind either…

People just don’t change. People change people most of the time.
It is the theory of: “Environmental Adaptation”
Hope you are in the right environment!

Chore XVI

Doubts! Second-guessing! Uncertainties! Maybes! What ifs! are all mental suggestions we are all faced with all the time. My theory for a cure on mental suggestions (suggestions that lead us to second-guess or doubt our capabilities) is “Be.” What is the worse that could happen if you try? Failure!
Personally, I would rather try and fail than not try at all.



Don’t get it twisted
When you itch to hold back
It’s a mind thing that lures perceptions
The cure Be
Step one, think – Be, step two – Be
Don’t get caught between clear judgments
Giving fear a head start and your endeavors an inch stop
It’s no war of misconception or confusion
And no room for “maybe” either, but plenty for zeal
Be – “Be”
Rest in peace alive, knowing you did
Lay restless cursing why you didn’t
Smile, knowing you attempted
Frown, wishing you tried
Contend, praising you ventured
Fume, questioning why you backed out
Be – “Be”…

At times, we all need to remind ourselves of being in His image and likeness like He said, and remember that in everything He is the only one we can lean on or hold onto. For me, He is the “One I hold.”

One I hold

Lord, you are The One I Hold
Fisticuffs I survived
Disasters passed me by
Catastrophes were close but skipped – It’s not luck
I still held on with my last hope not yet lost
Trusting that, in due time, you are The One I Hold
As I kneel again
To be ungrateful with my demands and requests
I remind myself of being blessed to be
A witness of your morning dew which most slept through forever
Unbearable tortures revived constantly …

the script-chores