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Chris' metamorphosis reminds me of the unfolding expression individuals discover as they tap into their true loves, passions, interests and talents.  Chris seeks excellence in all aspects of life through his willingness to learn more, give more and do more today than he did yesterday.  This constant addressing of the human dimension makes Chris' writing and speaking fresh each time and allows the audience to come away with something new regardless of the number of times you hear him deliver his presentation. His enthusiasm and energy are captivating!

Jennifer F.

So many thanks for the enjoyable program you gave our guests – they loved it!

 Suzanne C.

Chris, I truly enjoyed hearing your talk yesterday.

 Dr. Ruth E.


Hi Chris, I felt so honored to be at your presentation in Maitland.  You gave your presentation with much love and with so much gratitude to all that was there.  It was so nice to see the love you have for God and your gratitude to him brought a tear to my eye.  You speech was sincere and the delivery of it was exceptional I would love to hear you again.  My prayers are with you and may God's blessings fall richly upon you.

Ruth W.

Chris A. O’Riordan-Adjah, MS, P.E.
“The Motivator who applies quality techniques to your quality of life"
Chris A. O’Riordan-Adjah
Chris A. O’Riordan-Adjah

Chris O’Riordan-Adjah’s presentation was emotional and inspirational. After reading his poems, then hearing the stories which motivated Chris to create them, we got a better understanding of the unique forces which coalesced to create such touching literature.  It reminds us that when we face adversity, our true nature prevails, and pushes the human consciousness to new bounds of creativity, which in this case, produced some uplifting poems, that may bring comfort to those in dark places.  Chris’ journeys have been a reaffirmation of the human spirit for us, we are certainly glad we were able to see him perform them.

 Brian & Cecily  F.

Wow!  Listening to Chris' discuss and read from his poetry collection, The Script-Chores, was a great introduction to reading his book. Within his work, he pens the thoughts and experiences that many of us have thought and felt at one time or another; fear, doubt, hope, joy, sadness, loss, happiness, and above all faith.  Chris weaves with the yarn of the Word, the journey of a 21st century immigrant with the wisdom of a pastor and the tempo of a folklore rapper.

 Ana F.

Watching Chris speak on his poetry really brings those words he wrote to life. He is a captivating and dynamic speaker who I truly feel speaks from the heart. His approach to poetry by giving the both the poetic and descriptive versions of his poems really quenches both the left and right minded individuals. Chris is a talented writer and speaker who really touches home with his words on his journey of life. It is this ability to relate that I believe inspires those who have faced adversity in life to persevere.

 Juan V & Kelli M.
Chris A. O’Riordan-Adjah

So many thanks for the enjoyable program you gave our guests – they loved it!

Suzanne C.

Chris Adjah is a gracious, engaging speaker. His informal, friendly manner invites the audience to listen with careful attention as he reads from The Script-Chores and pulls us lovingly and peacefully into his tales of family and friends, his Ghanaian boyhood and his married life with Simonetta. One of my favorite poems is "Jamaica Nice" (Jamaica is nice). My read on Chris Apoder is "Apoder Nice, Man".

Dr. Robert R.

You are such a blessing to all of us. Thank you for sharing your spiritual journey and inspirational poetry.

Bente M.

Chris A. O’Riordan-Adjah

If you’ve read Chris Adjah’s book, and you’ve imagined the acts or actions behind the words, well imagine no more if you plan to see Chris present his book in person.  Chris brings the words and the book to live!  How do I know – I was a witness.  I’ve known Chris for many years, and I’ve also read the book, but I’ve never seen Chris in such a state.  To say that he artfully and in a sophisticated way brought delicate emotions to the letter of his book is an understatement.  He was purely Masterful.  To experience what I’m talking about, see him present.

 James S.